Practice-Led Research into an ‘Avant Garde’ Style

I’ve made a YouTube video that tries to elaborate on my own approach to composing music. This entails what I think about what we call "Avant garde" music or "contemporary classical music" today. By all means, check out the video on my YouTube channel. In this video, I outline some practice-led research (from my own … Continue reading Practice-Led Research into an ‘Avant Garde’ Style

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Horror Films: Characterisation

Happy Halloween! Today’s blog post is about character dynamics and status of characters in horror films. I’ve made a video that covers this topic and this is the accompanying blog post! In this post, we’re going to unpack some of those archetypal roles and talk about how they’re not as obviously distinguished from one another … Continue reading Horror Films: Characterisation

Acting in Horror: Playing Fear

I recently posted an acting tutorial about playing fear in Horror (well, it’s nearly Halloween, isn’t it…). You can find all my tutorials on my YouTube channel. Here’s the blog post that supplements that video. Fear in and of itself is generic and if an actor were to just act ‘scared’ or portray ‘fear’ then … Continue reading Acting in Horror: Playing Fear

Acting Scared in Films

As it’s approaching Halloween, I thought I’d get into the spooky mood and talk about Horror films and acting in Horror. I have a bit of an affinity with Horror, mainly because the majority of acting work I get is in Horror films. I’ll start by talking about acting scared in films (this isn’t limited … Continue reading Acting Scared in Films

How to Act “Realistically”

My latest YouTube video is another video about acting ‘realistically’. In this video, I say I’ve compiled four simple tips that will help us to act as realistically as possible on screen. Having said this, there are way more tips than this. Also, when I talk about acting ‘realistically’, I’m talking about acting like a … Continue reading How to Act “Realistically”

Olivier Messiaen: Quatuor pour la Fin du Temps

I’ve made an online lecture that discusses the compositional technique of Olivier Messiaen with reference to his quartet: Quatuor pour la Fin du Temps (Quartet for the End of Time) for clarinet, piano, violin and ’cello. In this lecture, I discuss his use of ‘modes of limited transposition’; ‘isorhythms’, ‘non-retrogradable rhythms’, and ‘reductive rhythm’. This … Continue reading Olivier Messiaen: Quatuor pour la Fin du Temps

Museum für Moderne Kunst

I once made a video about my experiences at the Museum für Moderne Kunst (Museum of Modern Art, or MMK for short) in Frankfurt, Germany. You can view this on my YouTube channel (although it’s one of my first videos and not very good). Here is a blog post about the experience that can accompany that … Continue reading Museum für Moderne Kunst

Realistic Camera Acting

I've just released a tutorial on my YouTube channel about realistic camera acting. Basically, I’ve compiled 4 simple tips that will help us to act as realistically as possible on screen. In other words, how to act like a natural human being in real life would act. I elaborate on the term 'realistic' because, of … Continue reading Realistic Camera Acting

Polskie Radio / Polish Radio

Tonight, my piece ‘We Lived in the Gaps Between the Stories.’, performed by accordionist Ryszard Lubieniecki, will be played on Polish radio: [translation]: "[...] a presentation of the music of young generation composers gathered around the Łódź scene of Musica Privata. "Seeds" is the title of Ryszard Lubieniecki's debut album. We will listen to works … Continue reading Polskie Radio / Polish Radio

New CD out now!

My piece ‘We Lived in the Gaps Between the Stories.’  written for amplified accordion is now available to buy on accordionist Ryszard Lubieniecki's latest CD "SEEDS"! Below is some information about the CD which can also be read here. "The title of Seeds, in addition to a reference to the composition of Josué Amador, in … Continue reading New CD out now!


<p class="has-drop-cap has-text-align-justify has-black-color has-text-color" style="line-height:1.7" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="4" max-font-size="72" height="80">Being a composer and an actor, I love both music and acting and often the two are interlinked. Here’s a blog-post discussion about Bertolt Brecht's MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN, and also some of Brecht’s techniques. I actually discussed Brecht and some of his techniques … Continue reading Brecht: MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN

Ian Pace in Huddersfield

I am pleased to announce that Ian Pace will be performing my Progress always comes late  (2017) for solo piano. This piece was composed as a birthday present for Ian Pace on his fiftieth birthday. More information about this can be found here and here. This particular upcoming concert will feature works by Charles Ives, Walter … Continue reading Ian Pace in Huddersfield

New Publication!

I'm pleased to announce that another written publication is due to be released in July, 2019 in Exploring Xenakis: Performance, Practice, Philosophy, ed. by Alfia Nakipbekova (Wilmington, DE: Vernon Press, 2019). The book includes chapters by other authors as follows: Alfia Nakipbekova (University of Leeds, UK), Dimitris Exarchos (Goldsmiths, University of London, UK) , Reinhold Friedl (Goldsmiths, University of London, UK) , … Continue reading New Publication!


The latest instalment in my ENERGY CANNOT BE CREATED collection will be premiered by LSTwo Ensemble on Saturday. ENERGY CANNOT BE CREATED IV: ...generously taken explores the notion that all acts of composing involve (re)arranging what already exists. It generously takes, ruthlessly breaks apart, and forcefully reshapes. This piece is violent, cruel, and egotistic as it … Continue reading Upcoming Performance: ENERGY CANNOT BE CREATED IV

Recent Publication: Women & Music Journal

I'm pleased to announce that my latest article about one of my compositions 'We Lived in the Gaps between the Stories.'  (2017) has been published in the latest 'Women and Music' journal (vol 22, 2018). More information about this journal's latest volume can be found here.

Latest Soundtrack: LITTLEY CAR (short film)

I've recently started writing music for film. I composed the soundtrack to an upcoming short film LITTLEY CAR directed by Chris Boylan. You can watch the trailer here (below) The short film premieres on Friday 30th November in Yorkshire. More information about the event, including the making of the film, can be found here.


A piece I wrote earlier this year, ENERGY CANNOT BE CREATED III: transferred states, was premiered by LSTwo ensemble in Leeds last Friday (04.05.18).  The concert also featured world premieres from other composers. A video recording of the concert can be found here.

Upcoming Event: ‘Ian Pace at Fifty – Tributes and Early Modernism’

One of my recent pieces for piano, Progress always comes late (2017), will be premiered by pianist Ian Pace in April at City University of London. The event is free to attend, but it is recommended that you reserve a place via the online booking form. To celebrate Ian Pace’s 50th birthday, a group of international composers have … Continue reading Upcoming Event: ‘Ian Pace at Fifty – Tributes and Early Modernism’

Cellomondo CD #2: ‘Rebirth in Sound’

My piece Parallax Error (2014) for any four-stringed bowed instrument features as part of the second Cellomondo CD: Rebirth in Sound. The CD also features music by Aurélio Edler-Copes, Ryszard Lubieniecki, Jason Post, Dugal McKinnon, Patiparn Jaikampan and Artyom Kim. All pieces on the CD are performed by cellist Katharina Gross. The CD is available here and more information about it can be found … Continue reading Cellomondo CD #2: ‘Rebirth in Sound’

New Piece for 28 Pianos Performed in Yorkshire

My latest composition, Resonance/Light/Decay for 28 pianos, composed in collaboration with Dr Mic Spencer (University of Leeds) was premiered on Tuesday 12 December, 2017 in the School of Music, University of Leeds. The composition and its performance was done to celebrate the School of Music becoming a Steinway School. More about this can be read here and … Continue reading New Piece for 28 Pianos Performed in Yorkshire