Here you’ll find a list of my music from 2011 to now. You can listen to my music on my music YouTube channel here. Some of my scores are published by the University of California (open access) and can be viewed here.


I am what I am (2022), fixed-media electronics, voice [3’23”]

Glitter Balls (Opera: Act 1 Finale Piano Reduction) (2022), piano, soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone, countertenor/bass, cabaret singer, headphones [15’9″]


The Signal Man (2017, rev. 2020), piano strings, electronics, voice [7’27”]


Phaedra (2019) for fixed-media electronics


ENERGY CANNOT BE CREATED IV: …generously taken (2018) for ensemble

ENERGY CANNOT BE CREATED III: transferred states (2018) for ensemble


Resonance/Light/Decay (2017) for 28 Steinway pianos, composed in collaboration with Dr Mic Spencer (University of Leeds) to celebrate the School of Music, University of Leeds, becoming a Steinway School

Alannah Marie
premiere of Resonance/Light/Decay for 28 pianos

‘il progressi sempre tardi arriva’ (2017), fragments for grand piano [indefinite], composed to celebrate Ian Pace’s birthday

Cotransmission, Neurotransmission, Summation (2017), fixed electronics [9’17”]

Tear (2017), voice and electronics [6’30”]

Brief Encounter (2017), electronics, recorded sounds, drums [5’28”]

Film score for Littley Car (2016-17), independent film dir. Chris Boylan, produced by Boylan Media [c. 10”]

Pacific Pleasures (2016-17) Opera [c. 40”]

IV of Pacific Pleasures (an opera). Photography by Alex Fine


‘We Lived in the Gaps Between the Stories’ (2016) Amplified Accordion [indefinite]

I Am Bound (2016), voice, electronics [2’54”]

[Co]Valence Id (2016) String Quartet [ 3’]

[Co]Valence Ic (2016) String Quartet [ 3’]

[Co]Valence Ib (2016) String Quartet [ 3’]

[Co]Valence IV (2016) String Quartet [c. 3’35”]

[Co]Valence IIIc: Battling a Diversion of Thought (2016) solo trombone [c. 3’35”]

[Co]Valence IIIb: Battling a Diversion of Thought (2016) solo percussionist [c. 3’35”]

[Co]Valence IIIa: Battling a Diversion of Thought (2016) solo voice [c. 3’35”]

[Co]Valence II (2016) Flautist(s) and Optional Fixed-Media Electronics [indefinite duration]

Rhian Hughes Powell conducting [Co]Valence II (2016) for multiple flautist(s) and optional fixed-media electronics


Praying for Gabriel (2015) Ensemble and Fixed-Media Electronics [5’51”]

angustia (2015) for Flute, Accordion, Violin, and optional Fixed-Media Electronics [5’16”]

Air, Earth, Water, Fire (2015) Orchestra [6’41”]

Alannah Marie
Workshopping Air, Earth, Wind, Fire for orchestra with the Yorkshire Young Sinfonia

To Rave in a Fifteenth-Century Discotheque from another Time Entirely (2015) Solo String Instrument and Fixed-Media Electronics [5′]

‘It sounds an isochronism.’ (2015) Solo Piano and Optional Fixed-Media Electronics [6′]

petrichor (2015) for fixed-media electronics [4’33”]

ENERGY CANNOT BE CREATED II: 4B4 (2014-15) Chamber Ensemble [7′]


Graphite Pendulum (2014) Solo Clarinet Bb and Fixed-Media Electronics [7′]

The Ridge is beyond the Edge (2014) Fixed-Media Electronics [8′]

Re-press[ed] (2014) Solo Piano [4′]

Parallax Error (2014) Solo Bowed String Instrument [3′]

[Co]Valence IIIb (2014) Solo French Horn [2′]

‘…with still a life or two to spare for the space of his occupancy…’ (2014) Solo French Horn [4’]

The Interlocutor (2014) Ensemble [3′]

[Co]Valence Ia (2014) String Quartet [4′]

ENERGY CANNOT BE CREATED I: the title is an image (2013-14) Chamber Ensemble [7′]


The Carbon Loop (2013) Seven Percussionists [2′]

Sienna II (2013) Piano Trio [2′]

Sienna I (2013) Piano Trio [3′]

Interstice for iPhone and the whole world (2013-16)

‘…it’s already been done!’ (2013) Fixed-Media Electronics [3′]

Mo[u]rning Medi[t/c]ation (2013) Percussion, Piano, Organ, Fixed-Media Electronics [11′]

Inner a Mirror (2013) Chamber Ensemble [10′]

‘…the space of his occupancy of a world at a time…’ (2013) Solo Cello [5′]

CROSSWOR[K] (2013) Graphic Score for Free Instrumentation [indefinite duration]

A Matter of Energy (2013) Chamber Orchestra [8′]

(2012-13) Large Orchestra and Fixed-Media Electronics [10′]

In the Zone (2012-13) Chamber Ensemble [7′]


Dry Veins (2012) Soprano and Piano [10′]

Escaping Frozen Music (2012) Large Orchestra [10′]

Breaking the Four Chambers (2012) Harp, Piano, Vibraphone, Violin [6′]


Temporal Space (2011) 21 Percussionists [60′]

The Formation of Alcohol (2011) Clarinet, Violin, Piano [8′]

Arbitrary Iridescence (2011) Chamber Ensemble [5′]

Synchronising Pendulums (2011) Chamber Ensemble [5′]

3 √Cubea.k.a. THE CUBE (2010-11) Chamber Ensemble [8′]