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2022, Short Film, Woman (Lead), LITTLE BLACK DRESS, Macabre Pictures, Matthew Lawrence

still from Little Black Dress (Macabre Pictures)


2021, Music Video, ‘cameo’, PAPA GUEDE, Topher Holland

Alannah Marie
still from Papa Guede (music video) by Topher Holland


2020, Feature Film, Olivia, THE VISIT: ‘ROSIE’S TREASURE’, Talking Lens, Raza Mallall


2019, Short Film, Cathy (speaking role), HEATHCLIFF [award-winning Art House film inspired by Wuthering Heights], Asgard Productions, Garth Stainforth

2019, Short Film, Annabel, Lilly, Sandy, Grace (multiple personalities), HOSTAGE, YAFTA, Cassandra Clarkson and Erin Rivers

Alannah Marie
still from Hostage (YAFTA)

2019, Short Film, Claire, THE GHOST OF HOPE HOUSE, Macabre Pictures, Matthew Lawrence

Alannah Marie
still from The Ghost of Hope House (Macabre Pictures)

2019, Short Film, Isobel, NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT, YAFTA, Erin Rivers

Alannah Marie
still from Nothing to Complain About (YAFTA)

2019, Short Film, Judy, THREE, TWO, ONE MURDER, YAFTA, Cassandra Clarkson

2019, Short Film, Cashier (speaking part), I SEE YOU, Northern Film School, Josiah Williams

2019, Short Film, Lucy, TEDDY COME HOME, Leeds Trinity, Ahdam Rana

Alannah Marie
still from Teddy Come Home (Leeds Trinity)

2019, Feature Film, Sally / The Burning Girl, DEMON EYE, Quickfoot Films, Ryan Simons

Alannah Marie
still from Demon Eye (Quickfoot Films Ltd.)

2019, THE VAMPIRE HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE WORKER…, Countess Lea Van Dawn, On The Tools, James Wiles

2018, Short Film, The Present (speaking role), THE JUNCTURE, TFTV (York), Emilio Garcia

Behind-the-scenes footage here

2018, Short Film, Dr Cassandra, SEND IN THE CLIENT, YAFTA, David Zezulka

Alannah Marie
still from Send in the Client (YAFTA)

2018, Short Film, Claire, CHICKEN SANDWICH, University of Salford, Diana Kamaletdinova

2018, Short Film, Maisie, A CHANGE OF VOICE, Leeds Beckett, India Hudson

2018, Short Film, Claire (Lead), GET YOURSELF FREE, Paradise of Noise Productions, Jonathan Sauer

Alannah Marie
still from Get Yourself Free (Paradise of Noise Productions)

2018, Short Film, Violet, TRANSPOSE, Sheffield Hallam University, Bradley Lightfoot

Alannah Marie
still from Transpose (Sheffield Hallam University)


2018, Feature Film, Girl Sacrifice, COVEN OF EVIL, Macabre Pictures, Matthew Lawrence

Alannah Marie
still from Coven of Evil (Macabre Pictures)

2018, Television, Receptionist (speaking role), INNERVIEW, AEY Productions, Stanislaw Proszowski

2018, Infomercial, Lucy, RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION, Northern Film School, Northern Film School

2018, Music Video, Nurse, MUSIC VIDEO FOR BIJOU BAKMAN, Bijou Bakman, Bijou Bakman

Alannah Marie
still from music video by Bijou Bakman

2018, Music Video, Sister, MUSIC VIDEO, Fresh Cut Productions, Fresh Cut

2018, Music Video, Partyer, MUSIC VIDEO, Tinaye Tenzi, Tinaye Tenzi

2018, Feature Film, Absurdist Vlogger, HELLO AU REVOIR, JCP Films, Jason Croot


2017, Feature Film, Fast Kreepa, CASE FILES, Tricell Films, Damien Kage

2017, Short Film, Charlie, BUSINESS WITH PLEASURE, YAFTA, David Zezulka

2017, Short Film, Charlotte, TRUTH OR DARE, Apricity Productions, Nina Econ 


2016, Short Film, Who?, WHO?, Apricity Productions, Nina Econ

2016, Web Series, Victoria, FIRST AID I: TRISTITIA, Apricity Productions, Nina Econ

Alannah Marie
still from First Aid I: Tristitia (Apricity Productions)

2016, Experimental Short Film, Michelle, LOVE BITES, Apricity Productions, Nina Econ

Rehearsal footage here.

Behind-the-scenes footage here

Alannah Marie
still from Love Bites (Apricity Productions)


2015, Short Film, Sarah, THE INTERVIEWS, YAFTA, David Zezulka

Alannah Marie
still from The Interviews (YAFTA)