Alannah Marie (Dr Alannah Marie Halay) is a composer, actor, and academic researcher.


Her music has been performed internationally (including Denmark, England, the Netherlands, and Poland) and her music is out on CD and available to buy online here.


As an actor, Alannah has worked in the theatre (musicals and dramas), on public radio and television, short films, student films, infomercials, music videos, and feature films. She also teaches Acting online, and some of her tutorials are available to watch online here.


Alannah is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA), and lectures in Music to university level. Some of her lectures are available online here.

So far, Alannah’s research has been published by Women & Music (University of Nebraska Press) and Vernon Press, and her book (Per)Forming Art: Performance as Research in Contemporary Artworks is published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Alannah has also worked as a journalist, having written reviews and articles about conferences and music festivals for the Royal Musical Association and Sounds Like Now: Contemporary Music News.

Alannah’s PhD (Recognising Absurdity: Comparing an Avant-Garde Style with being avantgarde) explores the absurdity of attempting to be creative if/when one’s creative decisions are guided by external factors such as performer ability and ideology (pre-existing knowledge). Her research touches on the condition of prevailing society and how this affects the production of contemporary art, in particular music.

This site also features as a Blog on the Royal Musical Association website.

Alannah Marie. Photography by Karen Gavin, Silkwood Studio