Alannah has a YouTube channel where she gives lectures and vlogs about Music and Acting. She is a composer, actor, and academic researcher. Her music has been performed internationally (including Denmark, England, the Netherlands, and Poland), as well as on radio and out on CD. Alannah is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA), and lectures in Music to university level. So far, Alannah’s research has been published by Women & Music (University of Nebraska Press) and Vernon Press, and her book (Per)Forming Art: Performance as Research in Contemporary Artworks is published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Alannah has also worked as a journalist, having written reviews and articles about conferences and music festivals for the Royal Musical Association and Sounds Like Now: Contemporary Music News. Alannah’s PhD is called Recognising Absurdity: Comparing an Avant-Garde Style with being avantgarde. As an actor, Alannah has worked in the theatre (musicals and dramas), on public radio and television, short films, student films, infomercials, music videos, and feature films. Some of her recent feature films have been released in cinemas in America and are available to buy on Amazon and iTunes. You can view her IMDB here.

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Photography by Karen Gavin, Silkwood Studio

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