New CD out now!

My piece ‘We Lived in the Gaps Between the Stories.’  written for amplified accordion is now available to buy on accordionist Ryszard Lubieniecki’s latest CD “SEEDS”!

Below is some information about the CD which can also be read here.

“The title of Seeds, in addition to a reference to the composition of Josué Amador, in a certain way determines the material of the whole album. Ryszard Lubieniecki’s debut album includes six compositions for an accordion, amplified as various “seeds” representing different paths of musical avant-garde. From the strict algorithmic composition (Asterism), to the drone stretched to the limit (MAGMA2), the even percussive song (Metaphysical Graffiti), dense electronics (Ryszard (D) zik (i)), to compositions in which improvisation plays an important role ( Seeds and We lived in the gaps between the stories). All of them were created in close cooperation with the performer, who has an old, imperfect instrument, but on the other hand offers unique opportunities, especially in the field of percussion and noise sounds. By some artists, they have been used to the extent that their compositions are almost impossible to make on other accordions.”

Quote from:

You can preview the CD, and read more about it, here.

CD cover of SEEDS performed by Ryszard Lubieniecki and featuring my piece ‘We Lived in the Gaps Between the Stories.’


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