Upcoming Performance: Centre Stage concert series

I will be performing in the Centre Stage concert series in February. The following works will be premiered:

‘…it’s (al[l]/[ready]) been done!’ (2013), fixed-media electronics

‘It sounds an isochronism.’  (2015), solo piano and  fixed-media electronics

‘Read between the…’ (2013), fixed-media electronics

To Rave in a Fifteenth-Century Discotheque from another Time Entirely.  (2015), solo string instrument and fixed-media electronics

The concert will also feature work from other female composers, details of which can be found on the following poster (photo by Cormac Ó Callanáin).

Highlights from the concert can be heard here:

1) Knitted, Crocheted, Looped – Morag Galloway
Morag Galloway – voice, viola
Margaret Hillier – old woman

2) Tortoise Variations – Mary-Ellen O Shea
Ben Lowman – sax
Calvin Travers – guitar
Mary-Ellen O Shea – piano
Sam Quintana – bass
Matt Parkinson – drums

3) November Night – Fran Wyburn
Fran Wyburn – guitar/vocals
George Birkett – guitar/backing vocals
Rosie Evans – backing vocals

4) ‘It sounds an isochronism.’ – Alannah Marie Halay
Alannah Marie Halay – piano and electronics

5) Kerry Andrew as You are Wolf

Recording – Adam Fennell
Photo – Cormac Ó Callanáin

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