Upcoming performance: di_stanze festival of electronic music

The Ridge is beyond the Edge (Fixed-Media Electronics) will be performed this Sunday 2nd November in the ‘di_stanze festival of electronic music’ in Leeds along with other works by contemporary composers.

More information can be found here.

Below is a brief programme note about the piece:

The Ridge is beyond the Edge is about a state of limbo induced by the act of ‘waiting to wait’ within a timeline that is not straightforwardly linear. This act of ‘waiting to wait’ is not to be confused with the act of simply waiting, which suggests a wait for something and a state of ‘transit’. ‘Transit’ manifests as various types of transportation such as the train (in which one physically travels from one place to another) or that point between being awake and asleep (in which one unavoidably waits to either fall asleep or wake up) or the process of physically falling. As such, ‘waiting to wait’ can take the form of waiting for a train or waiting to reach the point of transition between being awake and asleep. Since physically falling is generally spontaneous and requires no prior thought or ‘wait’, ‘waiting’ to fall can only happen when the fall is intentional. Sonic representations of these three extra-musical themes interact within The Ridge is beyond the Edge to portray a fourth theme: that bitter fulcrum of the one who deliberately falls onto the train tracks and, in doing so, undergoes this pivotal state before ‘waiting’ to reach the railway, itself a transitory space.

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