Hans Joachim Hespos & LSTwo Ensemble

On Friday 4th December, I will perform Hespos’ TjaMusikBoxen (realising the tape part), and wuniof ‘ k (on piano) as part of LSTwo ensemble‘s upcoming performance. The event will also involve performances of Tiff, Kitara, Tuba Flip, Duma, HOPSzweisätzig, -Z (ensemble version), and MINImalMore information can be found here.

The week preceding this event features workshops, rehearsals, and tutorials with Hans Joachim Hespos.

You can watch the main concert live (and after the event) here.

World premiere at the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz

My composition angustia (2015) for flute, accordion, and violin (optional fixed-media electronics pending) will be premiered by Trio Layers  in an evening concert at the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz, Poland this Friday. They will also be performing an interesting piece by Ryszard Lubieniecki. More information can be found here.

Gaudeamus Muziekweek Academy

My composition Parallax Error (2014) for any four-stringed bowed instrument has been selected to be workshopped by ‘cellist Katharina Gross and double bassist Dario Calderone at the 2015 Gaudeamus Muziekweek Academy in Utrecht this September.

More information can be found here.

Further information to follow!

Yorkshire Young Sinfonia and BBC Radio 4

My orchestral piece Air, Earth, Water, Fire (2015) has been selected by the Yorkshire Young Sinfonia to be workshopped as part of their 2015 summer course and performed in their concert in the York Barbican. More information can be found here. They will also be performing works by Mendelssohn, Mozart, Taylor, Beethoven, and Brahms.

The summer course is currently on-going and I will be workshopping my piece with the orchestra later this week.

The summer course will also feature on the BBC Radio 4 Documentary ‘Birth of an Orchestra’ which will be aired on the 15th September this year. Further information regarding this can be found here.

Concert tickets are on sale and can be booked here.

Here I am working with the Yorkshire Young Sinfonia during rehearsals:

A review of the concert can be found here.


Upcoming Performance: LSTwo

LSTwo ensemble will premiere ENERGY CANNOT BE CREATED II:  4B4 (chamber ensemble) on 1st May in Leeds. They will also perform works by Finnissy, Hoban, and Mclaughlin. There will be a pre-concert talk before the concert where I will discuss my music along with the other composers Hoban and Mclaughlin. Specific times can be found here.

Upcoming Performance: Centre Stage concert series

I will be performing in the Centre Stage concert series in February. The following works will be premiered:

‘…it’s (al[l]/[ready]) been done!’ (2013), fixed-media electronics

‘It sounds an isochronism.’  (2015), solo piano and  fixed-media electronics

‘Read between the…’ (2013), fixed-media electronics

To Rave in a Fifteenth-Century Discotheque from another Time Entirely.  (2015), solo string instrument and fixed-media electronics

The concert will also feature work from other female composers, details of which can be found on the following poster (photo by Cormac Ó Callanáin).

Highlights from the concert can be heard here:

1) Knitted, Crocheted, Looped – Morag Galloway
Morag Galloway – voice, viola
Margaret Hillier – old woman

2) Tortoise Variations – Mary-Ellen O Shea
Ben Lowman – sax
Calvin Travers – guitar
Mary-Ellen O Shea – piano
Sam Quintana – bass
Matt Parkinson – drums

3) November Night – Fran Wyburn
Fran Wyburn – guitar/vocals
George Birkett – guitar/backing vocals
Rosie Evans – backing vocals

4) ‘It sounds an isochronism.’ – Alannah Marie Halay
Alannah Marie Halay – piano and electronics

5) Kerry Andrew as You are Wolf

Recording – Adam Fennell
Photo – Cormac Ó Callanáin

Upcoming performance: di_stanze festival of electronic music

The Ridge is beyond the Edge (Fixed-Media Electronics) will be performed this Sunday 2nd November in the ‘di_stanze festival of electronic music’ in Leeds along with other works by contemporary composers.

More information can be found here.

Below is a brief programme note about the piece:

The Ridge is beyond the Edge is about a state of limbo induced by the act of ‘waiting to wait’ within a timeline that is not straightforwardly linear. This act of ‘waiting to wait’ is not to be confused with the act of simply waiting, which suggests a wait for something and a state of ‘transit’. ‘Transit’ manifests as various types of transportation such as the train (in which one physically travels from one place to another) or that point between being awake and asleep (in which one unavoidably waits to either fall asleep or wake up) or the process of physically falling. As such, ‘waiting to wait’ can take the form of waiting for a train or waiting to reach the point of transition between being awake and asleep. Since physically falling is generally spontaneous and requires no prior thought or ‘wait’, ‘waiting’ to fall can only happen when the fall is intentional. Sonic representations of these three extra-musical themes interact within The Ridge is beyond the Edge to portray a fourth theme: that bitter fulcrum of the one who deliberately falls onto the train tracks and, in doing so, undergoes this pivotal state before ‘waiting’ to reach the railway, itself a transitory space.

Performance of *The Interlocutor*: ensemble Discord

The Interlocutor is my most recent composition and it was performed by Discord earlier this week. It is for French horn, electric guitar, electric bass guitar, piano (doubling keyboard), and electric five-string violin. As a (very) basic description of the composition’s structure, it is based on the dynamics of conversing. Although a seemingly simple compositional procedure, I intend the form to be more complexly dynamic, and I think that Discord brought this out.

Composing for Discord was very useful, not only did it force me to consider writing for these instruments in the context of this particular ensemble, but working with the performers introduced me to the hidden capabilities of these instruments.

The performance was followed by a concert of new music performed by Discord. More information about the concert can be found here.