OUT NOW: Macabre Pictures, Soundfackery Productions, & John Carpenter’s Tales for a Halloween Night⁠

I’ve been playing the character ‘Molly’ (lead) in a music video by Macabre Pictures for the song Cast by Steve Kilpatrick and Anikó Tóth. It’s out now and can be viewed here. ⁠

still from Cast (Macabre Pictures)

Cast is a dark, horror-themed music video which tells the story of Molly, an innocent girl who becomes dangerously drawn to the occult with terrifying consequences.

still from Cast (Macabre Pictures)

The screenplay is by Matthew Lawrence, and it is inspired by the story Cast by Mike Sizemore which featured in John Carpenter’s Tales for a Halloween Night⁠.

Alannah Marie
still from Cast (Macabre Pictures)

Cinematography Credits:
Directed & Edited by Matthew J. Lawrence⁠ (Macabre Pictures)
Director of Photography: Jamie Burr

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